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I Have a Dream: Creating your Life Portfolio

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What I Learned From...

Disability Mentoring Day & Career Expo

Nesbit Elementary School in Gwinnett County, Georgia

  • “Never give up and never say I can’t.”
    Xochiote, 5th grade
  • “I learned that (people with disabilities) have a family.”
    Ruth, 1st grade
  • “I want to be a policeman.”
    Max, 1st grade, wheelchair user
  • “Don’t ever give up. I learned that (people with disabilities) never gave up on their dreams and they did the hardest they can.”
    Julian, 4th grade
  • “I liked the teacher with the dog. I learned that her dog can pick stuff up.”
    Josue, 1st grade
  • “I learned that everybody is different. That everybody gets to places different. And just because you’re different doesn’t make you not a regular person.”
    Jordan, 5th grade
  • “I learned that people with disabilities are the same as everybody because they can play with other people, too.”
    Daija, 1st grade
  • “That man was in a chair and he can’t walk but his favorite thing is sports.”
    Crystal, 1st grade
  • “The man with the car showed us how he opened the doors.”
    Bogard, 1st grade
  • “I learned that anything is possible.”
    Belladini, 5th grade
  • “Just because you are different than somebody else, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have as much confidence as somebody else or that you don’t have that much strength. We all have different dreams, we all don’t have to have the same dreams. If someone says to you, ‘you’re too short’ or something, you should say ‘I don’t’ care’ because we’re not all going to be the same. We’re not all the same people.”
    Ayoa, 5th grade
  • “All you have to do is focus and your dream can come true.”
    Asad, 4th grade
  • “Even if you have disability, you’re still a normal person like anybody else, but you’re like special. You’re normal and nobody should treat you in a different way.”
    Ambreen, 5th grade
  • “I want to be a dentist.”
    Alondra, Kindergarten, wheelchair user
  • “I learned that whether you have a disability or not, it doesn’t make you not human. You or anybody else, it’ doesn’t make you not a person.”
    Alicia, 5th grade
  • “Some people have been born with birth defects. It doesn’t matter if they can walk or talk well, they can still do what they want.”
    Alexis, 5th grade